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Do you believe the mainstream news media are doing a good job telling you what you need to know?

Or do you have the suspicion that practically every news report is crafted to make you assume we need more taxes, welfare, foreign aid, regulation, bureaucracy, red tape, and war — in short, more government?

This while you know full well that Ronald Reagan was right when he said, “Government isn’t the solution, it’s the problem.”

And Donald Trump was right when he called the federal government a “swamp.”

And Patrick Henry was, too, when he gave his famous “give me liberty” speech.

The four main trends affecting your life and investments today are:
  •  Debasement of law and currencies,
  •  War,
  • ​ Trade restrictions, and
  • ​ The cyber war.
Number four being the latest and least understood. It has probably already invaded your computer and smartphone.

Richard Maybury covers all these topics and much more in his newsletter Early Warning Report (EWR).

If you read EWR to understand what is really happening in the U.S. and the world, you won’t be alone. Newsweek has reported that EWR influences strategic planning in the CIA and Pentagon.

War is the most expensive thing humans do. As a percent of all the goods and services produced in America, the federal debt since 9/11 has nearly doubled, to just under 110%.

EWR subscribers knew about the wars in the Islamic world, the federal government’s debt problems, the Chinese moves into the South China Sea, the 2000 tech crash, 9/11, the Great Monetary Calamity of 2007, the fast-spreading cyber war, Ukraine invasion, and a host of other epic events, months and sometimes years ahead.

As you can imagine, those who took Mr. Maybury's investment advice have earned amazing profits.
Who Is He and How Does He Do It?
None of what’s listed above is even remotely an exaggeration.

Not only that, but Richard Maybury has also written two million words in books, articles, and newsletters.

Through his publications, he’s taught and informed others how to think incisively, see through the clutter, and better their lives as a result.

Richard J. Maybury
Fondly called the 2,500-year-old man because of his extensive study of millennia of human history, he has seen many nations rise, fall, reinvent, break apart, or merge.

And while every instance is unique, there truly are patterns for those who look carefully.

Richard looks very, very carefully.

His writings have been read and studied by government agencies.

His publications have also been endorsed by top business leaders and he has been a consultant to investment firms in the US and Europe.

In short, people in the know devour his writings as soon as they’re published.

You can, too!

National Upheaval: You Can Survive and Prosper
In the midst of chaos, it’s comforting and very helpful to know that humans have been here before.

We’ve done this. We’ve survived.

Some do so in better shape than others. That’s often because they see and seize opportunities where others see and suffer only destruction.

Richard can help you take advantage of these opportunities—for survival, for expanding your wealth instead of losing it, and more.

That’s what he does. It’s what he’s done for more than 40 years.

Why is all this needed?

I think you know. America is changing—fast and fundamentally.

America was founded as an idea.

Its ironclad rules for living were enshrined in its founding documents.

Under that way of living, America became the greatest nation in the history of the world.

But the rise of socialism in the 19th century taught a new ethic: Get what you can get while you can get it; beggar thy neighbor; take what you want; you matter, others don’t.

It emphasized false wisdom: if there is inequity in the world, take from those who  have and give to those who don’t.

It seems right if you don’t think any deeper than appearances.

But it annihilates nations more thoroughly than anything else.

With righteous-sounding words, insufferable arrogance, and complete intolerance for opposing views—socialism kills; it steals; it destroys.

Now the unthinkable has happened.

Socialism has taken root in America. It is doing here what it does everywhere.

It will destroy you, too, if you don’t do the wise things.

And what are those wise things?

That’s why I’m writing to you today. 

Anyone who wants to steer America back to greatness must understand the firm ethical basis on which the country was founded and attained such greatness.

America’s Foundation Still
Supports Productive People
Richard continually calls us back to the two natural law principles that make civilization possible:

  •  Do all you have agreed to do, and
  •  Do not encroach on other persons or their property.
These 17-words must be applied to everyone, including people in government.


Because “all men are created equal,” and are equally subject to natural law.

And, because governments tend to be the biggest violators of these 17-words.

Imagine what would happen if America were again governed at every level (including the individual level) by these 17-words.

Life would be different in virtually every respect!

That may not happen again soon. But there’s good news.

These laws are “severable,” as lawyers like to say. They don’t depend on everyone living by them to work.

Everyone who abides by them will benefit from their virtue.

Because you’re still reading this, you likely already live by these principles.

You know their power and their strength. But you might need encouragement.

And you might need ideas on how to optimize your opportunities.

Why U.S. & World Early Warning Report® (EWR)
Succeeds When So Many Others Fail

It’s good to hear such things from a kindred spirit. Someone who believes in truth, hard work, and respect as much as you do.

Richard J. Maybury is such a person.

Here’s some proof—something you really should know about Richard before you subscribe to Early Warning Report.

He really cares about your welfare. He really doesn’t want you to lose your retirement savings or your home.

He wants you to prosper in these difficult times. His 40-year body of work bears these facts out clearly and consistently.

We’ve all known many people in our lives.

Some people hurt us in one way or another. Some help us greatly. And there is a broad spectrum in between.

So, imagine one of the people who have greatly helped you.

A person whose advice is always well-considered, appropriate, and effective.

A person who improves your life greatly by interacting with you.

We all need more of those people in our lives, but they are hard to find.

Again, Richard is such a person.

You’ll see it the moment you start reading his newsletter, Early Warning Report.

The things he writes will immediately strike you.

You’ll say to yourself... 

“Yep, that’s true!”…“Whoa, that’s good!”…“That’s helpful!”…“Wow, that’s fantastic!”

The connection will be very strong and very fast.

We naturally react that way when we see true and helpful information—especially in times of turmoil or crisis.

Even his investment advice is based on ethical principles and long-term trends.

This is not the service for day traders.

Richard’s recommendations often last for decades, piling up profits year after year because they ride trends that are huge and persistent. 

Trends like war, inflation, and crushing taxes.

These are unsettling times, as a historically unique and wonderful way of life has first become despised and is now being destroyed by those who have never done the hard work to take part in it.

But builders will always triumph over destroyers.

Building is much harder work. It takes a lot longer to do.

But it is constructive. It draws in admirers. It affirms life. It causes us to pull together and makes things better.
The Alternative
Map of Chaostan
In 1992 Richard coined the term Chaostan to explain the geopolitical context for nations that never learned the two natural laws above.

Chaostan means the land of the Great Chaos. It’s comprised of the area from the Arctic Ocean to the Indian Ocean, from Poland to the Pacific, plus Africa.

U.S. officials have been paying for all their grand programs, including their wars in Chaostan, by printing dollars, which has led to economic turmoil inside the U.S. and around the world.

As Chaostan slides further into bloody chaos, it will likely continue being a major influence on your investments for decades to come.

Join EWR today and you will understand many crucial things about this region.

You’ll understand how to deal with the opportunities and risks growing from Chaostan’s turmoil.
It’ll all become clear when you receive your FREE report, Chaostan—The Full Story.

No other investment letter specializes in this region—yet it completely dominates 
the international investment landscape.

And you certainly won’t hear an explanation of Chaostan in the mainstream media.

The dangers and opportunities are too complex to be explained in ten-second sound bites.
Chaostan–The Full Story
Not at all. Richard is highly optimistic—for those who are prepared.

Today’s turmoil need not be baffling, but it is powerful.

It can either bankrupt you or make you rich.

A lot depends on what you know, what you do and the quality and reliability of the information you receive.

And both Richard and Early Warning Report make sure you get that critical information.
That's Why Experts Are Saying...
Ron Paul
“I look forward to reading every issue of your Early Warning Report.”
former Congressman, Ron Paul Liberty Report
Ron Paul
“Mr. Maybury is one of the truly original thinkers in the free-market movement in this country.”
author, Restoring The American Dream
Robert J. Ringer
Robert J Ringer
David Galland
Early Warning Report of the few newsletters I read, and the only one I pay for.”
Founder of Everbank
David Galland
“Yes, I do recommend Richard Maybury’s Early Warning Report. It really is ‘must’ reading.”
editor Dow Theory Letters
Richard Russell
David Galland
Early Warning Report is the single most informative newsletter that I read.”
publisher & editor Access To Energy
Dr. Arthur B. Robinson
And it’s not just economic heavyweights. 

Here’s what a few of our happy subscribers have to say.

Subscriber N.O. writes that he has,
committed to renewing my subscription as long as I live.”
Subscriber B.W. says,
You have taught me a great deal about economics, global policy, and general thought. Your methods of giving simple analogies makes it easy to grasp the ‘macro’ issues. I highly value your investment suggestions and have posted large gains from many of them. I eagerly read each new EWR immediately when it comes in.” 
Subscriber J.D. writes that,
when I repeat to friends what I learned from you they think I am a genius.”
Subscriber W.W. says,
Congratulations on being incredibly right for an incredibly long time.”
Subscriber R.J.S says,
You are a Patriot of the purest form. You will never know how deeply I appreciate you for taking the time to educate your fellow Americans about our government.” 
Why the high level of respect and devotion?

Because the analysis subscribers of EWR receive is so much deeper and more thorough than anything else they could possibly get.

Consider this...

In the April 2014 issue of EWR, Mr. Maybury wrote: 
In 2008, NATO declared its intent to induct Ukraine. Putin warned against it but was ignored. Ukraine, therefore, became Moscow’s line in the sand. In Putin’s mind, and I believe the minds of most Russians, NATO will not get [Ukraine].”
In October 1996, he wrote, 
The most important person in your financial life is a man the US press rarely says anything about. He is Osama bin Laden... He could have more influence on your investment portfolio than any other individual in the world.”
In February 2000, he wrote, 
Far more important is the question, when will we be hit by a surprise attack from a secret coalition of the enemies Clinton has created?”
In June 1999, he wrote, 
It is highly likely we are in or near the new era of war EWR has been predicting… My long-term forecast remains unchanged: the top growth industry of the next decade will be war.”
It might seem from that very abbreviated list of Mr. Maybury’s prescient observations that he has a crystal ball.

Far from it.

As mentioned, this insight comes from over 40 years of comprehensive study and analysis and is why his newsletter is called EARLY Warning Report.
Economic Analysis Based
on Fundamental Principles
What makes Early Warning Report so unique and interesting is its depth of analysis.

It’s a special blend of topics that you’ve probably never encountered before: geopolitics, finance, economics, law, military affairs, Chaostan, and the world and U.S. economies.

Richard doesn’t give you a list of “hot” stock picks, expect you to believe him, and send you on your way.

He sees investment trends being primarily determined by economic trends, and economic trends determined by governmental actions.

To forecast what your investments will do, he must forecast what governments will do.

Unfortunately, the typical investor is unaware of the full impact governments have on markets. They fly practically blind.

Early Warning Report has long been in the forefront of the “battle of the paradigms.” 

EWR uses Austrian economics, which debunks the pro-debt and pro-inflation Keynesianism used by governments, and taught in the colleges.

The outcome will be the single most important determinant of your financial future.

We rely upon the “Austrian” model of economics, pioneered by Nobel laureate F.A. Hayek and his mentor Ludwig von Mises.
The Economics of Freedom, Endorsed by Ron Paul and Ronald Reagan
This model has been endorsed by Ron Paul, the Cato Institute, Mises Institute, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, US President Ronald Reagan, and many others.

As the federal government’s endless foreign wars drag on, the Federal Reserve and Treasury will continue printing dollars to cover America’s skyrocketing debt.

This means the long-term trend for the U.S. dollar is now undoubtedly downward.

And as the dollar falls, the long-term trends for oil, gold and all other natural resources will be upward.

At some point, as the velocity of the circulation of the dollar gets into mid-stage two, Richard believes gold and platinum will hit $5,000 an ounce, silver will reach $100 an ounce, oil will top $300 a barrel, and gasoline will cost at least $9 per gallon in the United States.

Do you think this information, if accurate, could make a significant impact on your investments?

Richard does—and his readers seem to agree.

Incidentally, an analyst who does not have a deep background in economic history has no way to know how important the concept of velocity is.

History shows that velocity affects practically everything in the economy, from prices of stocks, gold, and raw materials to interest rates, rents, demand for toys, cars, and airline tickets—plus employment, bankruptcies, recessions, and more.

As far as we know, Early Warning Report is the only publication in the world to report on velocity in every issue.

We often receive letters from subscribers thanking us for enabling them to engage their friends with great depth of insight.

In fact, 9 out of 10 Early Warning Report subscribers renew their subscriptions every year.

This is one of the highest, if not the highest, renewal rates in the industry.

Readers know they need the insights Early Warning Report provides.

These astute people include top corporate executives, financial advisors, small business owners, and people from every walk of life who want to understand current events and protect their assets.

Join this in-the-know group and take advantage of a special subscription offer!

Normally, Early Warning Report costs $300 per year.

Right now, for a limited-time, we are offering you a special discount subscription which shaves 34% off the regular price.
Special Limited-Time Offer
Save $102 and Get 4 FREE Special Reports
For a limited time, you can receive a one-year (10 issues) electronic subscription to Early Warning Report for the low price of just $198. (That’s a $102 savings!)

Ten times a year, receive in your email inbox news and analysis about the way the world is—not the way utopian dreamers, power junkies, and disgusting toadies tell you it is.

This is information you simply won’t find anywhere else. Few people on earth have invested the time, money, and energy to study so many crucial disciplines. 

And no one else puts it all together and offers it to you in such an affordable and information-packed way.

See how to protect yourself, your family, and your belongings; prepare for ominous events on the horizon; and invest safely for reliable profits year after year by identifying and riding powerful trends.

FREE Special Report #1
Most of what you buy was made in Chaostan. Much of what you eat comes from there. The gas for your car increasingly comes from there.

American banks make massive loans to developing countries that you as a taxpayer guarantee. 

And the vast majority of military spending, foreign policy, and foreign aid are geared toward that part of the earth.
Chaostan–The Full Story Special Report
Every day your life is impacted in a major way by Chaostan. 

Yet no one takes the trouble to tell you what you need to know about it as a specifically defined region.

Most people will continue to think about events there as unconnected and virtually unknowable, but you’ll have vital insights that will protect you and your investments, business, and family. ($35 Value—Yours FREE)

FREE Special Report #2
People typically don’t revolt against their governments for anything short of severe circumstances. This was even recognized in America’s Declaration of Independence.

At some point, however, governments become intolerable. Armies and police forces have typically kept the people under control at that point, but is the balance of power shifting in favor of the people?
The New Age of Revolution Special Report
Read this important report to understand what’s really going on in Ukraine and elsewhere, and how it could affect you. ($35 Value—Yours FREE)

FREE Special Report #3
Americans know there’s a societal volcano heating up in their country. 

What they don’t know is what’s causing it, what it will look like when it blows, or what to do about it.

Richard details three main factors bringing the heat and five principles governing it.

You’ll learn who the good guys and bad guys will be when it happens, and how to prepare for the eruption.
The Great Eruption Special Report
You’ll also find out how to invest so you won’t be wiped out financially. ($35 Value—Yours FREE)

FREE Special Report #4
Never in history has so much wealth been at so much risk. Financial accounts, business records, personal details, it’s all online—and it’s all at risk.

As Richard observes in this report, “Technologically the world is moving ahead at a breakneck pace, while ethically it is headed back to the Dark Ages.”

In fact, revenue lost to cyber criminals
Cyber Security Special Report
is already running at an estimated $1.5 trillion per year.

The internet is being killed by the wholesale destruction of ethics caused by the socialist thinking that has swept the world. Stein’s law says that if something can’t go on forever, it will stop.

The internet, in its current form, can’t go on forever. Don’t miss this report to see what’s likely to happen, how it will affect you, and what to do to prepare for it. ($35 Value—Yours FREE)
This is not the time to be without
Early Warning Report
As you can see, these four reports are not about small or inconsequential developments. 

Some of the biggest issues of our day are here, and the analysis is penetrating and geared toward your wellbeing and prosperity.

In short: You’ll never feel like you’re going it alone after you subscribe.

You’ll have some of the best analysis and advice on the planet to help you prepare for what’s coming.

When you read these 4 FREE BONUSES, you’ll be primed and ready to begin your year-long subscription to the most incisive and informative newsletter published today.

You’ll pay just $198 for some of the most important and useful news you’ll ever read.

But you must act NOW, before this offer expires for good.

If you click away from it today, there’s a good chance you may never see it again.

Events are moving fast.

Threats and opportunities appear every day, and the EARLY Warning Report is aptly named.

Find out about events early, before they hurt you and while they can still help you.

Join the informed group of readers who can’t wait for their next issue of Early Warning Report—and all the profit potential and understanding it delivers.

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4 Free Special Reports
Think about it: As chaos moves out of Chaostan and envelops the civilized world, do you really want to go it alone?
Marilyn Williams
Marilyn Williams
Director of Research

P.S.—As far as we have been able to tell, for almost three decades, no one in the world has seen key events coming so clearly, or has been so well prepared for them, as the readers of Early Warning Report.

Join the astute group of readers who can’t wait for their next issue of Early Warning Report—and all the profit potential and understanding it delivers.

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4 Free Special Reports
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Peace of mind from understanding what is really happening to you, your loved ones and your money.

Profits from investments that gain instead of lose from the geopolitical and economic turmoil.

Amazing insights about how governments truly behave and how they manipulate the lives of those who do not remember history.

Begin learning the non-mainstream side of the story!

But you must act NOW, before this offer expires for good.

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